Halloween night is the occasion when Hollywood stars race to show off their creative abilities with carefully prepared amazing transformations.

First celebrated around 1745, Halloween gradually became the biggest costume festival of the year where people, regardless of age, could “transform” into their favorite characters. Hollywood stars are no exception. They are even famous for a series of unique costumes meticulously invested in both ideas and costumes. In the bustling atmosphere of this year’s October 31 masquerade, let’s take a look at the 10 most impressive Halloween costumes of the past decade by the cult Hollywood stars. 


Referring to the level of “spending” and meticulous investment for Halloween, the public can’t help but admire the former Victoria’s Secret lingerie angel Heidi Klum. From sexy to bizarre to complex and intimidating looks, nothing can stop Heidi. With ingenious transformations, appreciated in all aspects from ideas to costumes and makeup, the former supermodel is genuinely worthy of the title of “Hollywood’s Halloween Queen.” In 2015, Heidi made the online community explode with her transformation into the sexy bunny Jessica Rabbit in the animated movie Who framed Roger Rabbit… According to the sharing of Heidi and her fashion team, this millimeter-like shape has “taken” more than 10 hours of preparation with thick layers of silicone covered all over the model’s body.

Former supermodel and excellent portrayal of the sexiest cartoon character of all time Jessica Rabbit in the movie “Who Framed Roger Rabbit.” 

Next, at their annual Halloween party in 2019, Heidi and her husband made fans admire in fear again. If the former supermodel transforms into an alien with her internal organs “exposed” and a series of machines and screws attached to her body, Heidi’s husband “plays” an astronaut. The family was attacked with a broken protective suit and terrifyingly realistic bloodstains.

Heidi and her husband created a bloody attack between aliens and astronauts right on the red carpet of the Heidi Klum Halloween event.



The youngest Kardashian sister actively “treats” fans with a series of highly outstanding costume creations on every Halloween occasion. Typically in 2019, Kylie Jenner, with golden curly bob hair and seductive red lips, has excellently recreated the beauty icon in a pink satin dress and sparkling diamond jewelry. A time Marilyn Monroe in the classic film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

Kylie Jenner is noble and arrogant in the “legendary” pink dress of female star Marilyn Monroe.


Not less than her sister, Kendall Jenner has invested heavily to transform into a charming mythical fairy in a striking metallic feather dress, sophisticated gold headwear, and sparkling wings. The photos later posted on her personal Instagram page received a “rain” of compliments when everyone “whispered” at her surreal beauty, noble aura, and statue-like body. By Kendall. 

The image of a goddess sitting on the back of a white horseman by Kendall Jenner makes the world “wobble.”


Dubbed the “chameleon” of the fashion village, Cardi B always knows how to make herself the center of attention in every event with her impressive appearance. She and her team prepared each outfit that appeared with the owner of the hit WAP to achieve the best visual effect. And of course, Halloween is no exception, even, this night takes more effort to prepare the female singer and fashion team than usual. Last year, the female rapper transformed herself into the seductive goddess of snakehead Gorgon Medusa with a powerful golden outfit and a “unique” vivid snake tail.

The influential female rapper Cardi B in the shape of the “devil” female character Medusa, has the eyes of death in Greek mythology. 

During a performance at a Halloween party in Bacardi (New York) 2017, Cardi B appeared in a costume inspired by the character Cruella de Vil in the cartoon 101 Dalmatians. To increase the level of authenticity, the featured images in the film, such as two-color hair, a massive fur coat, robust red gloves, etc., are preserved. Even the dalmatian dog, like the original, is preserved. Was unexpectedly present. 

The female rapper plays the villain Cruella in “101 Dalmatians”. 


Former lingerie angel Chanel Iman captured all the attention at Heidi Klum’s annual Halloween party with the high-fashion “Mummy” (mummy) image in a high ponytail, costume wrapped from strips. Rags and eyes that stand out thanks to ghostly white contact lenses. 

The model with a sexy but equally creepy look in the image of an Egyptian mummy.


The list of female stars who own impressive Halloween costumes will not be complete without Vanessa Hudgens. After being a sexy cat girl in a sexy shiny latex leather catsuit with a cat ear hood, the female lead of High School Musical transformed into a “Black Widow” with a spider web around it and a black evening dress with strings. Tassels “squeeze” round one to suffocate. 

Shaping the impressive Black Widow (black widow) by Vanessa Hudgens.


Female singer “50 Shades” Rita Ora is equally impressive when appearing in the appearance of rapper Post Malone. From the characteristic curly hair, the tattoo position on the body to the overall outfit, she resembles the original to the point of being realistic and even caused the Hollywood Reporter to report this as her image mistakenly. Owner. 

Rita Ora attended the Halloween party at Wembley in the look of male rapper Post Malone.


Last on the list is the cute and fun makeup of Kim Kardashian, Kayne West, and their four children. The famous Hollywood family transformed into characters from the animated movie The Flinstones in the 2019 costume ceremony. While the mother and daughter were dressed in comfortable short dresses, Kayne West was somewhat “struggled” more. When transforming into a lovely purple dinosaur.


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