Betting predicting the UK – US score

Betting predicting the UK – US score

Soi kèo, dự đoán tỷ số Anh – Mỹ, Hà Lan – Ecuador: Mơ giành vé sớm - 1

The outcome of the opening match at the 2022 World Cup, England is the team with the second biggest victory when they crushed Iran 6-2 in Group B, just behind the 7-0 “destroy” screen of the Tel. Spain against Costa Rica in Group E. Losing to Italy on penalties in the EURO 2020 final at Wembley last year and having to be relegated to B in the UEFA Nations League next season, the pressure on performance increased. weighed heavily on the “Three Lions” in Qatar.

To be fair, a strong victory over Iran (a rather unpleasant Asian opponent) on November 21 still has potential problems for England. That is the fact that Harry Kane has not scored even though the Tottenham Hotspur star contributed 2 assists for Raheem Sterling and Marcus Rashford to score.

The conceding 2 goals, especially the one conceded from the penalty in the 13th minute of stoppage time, in the second half of England made coach Gareth Southgate not satisfied.

Anyway, good news still comes to the team of foggy country when Harry Kane has recovered from a right ankle injury after X-ray results showed that the problem was not serious.

The Sun newspaper still assesses that this striker is capable of starting the US team match tomorrow morning (November 26) when he can continue to side with Raheem Sterling (left wing) and Bukayo Saka (right wing) in the starting line-up. .

Harry Maguire was told by this British newspaper that he has also recovered from illness and the MU captain will still stand by John Stone, Luke Shaw and Kieran Trippier to create a quartet of defenders in front of goalkeeper Jordan Pickford’s goal.

An advantage for England is that in the second match in Group B of this year’s World Cup, they can play against the US team after the Wales match against Iran for 9 hours.

If Gareth Bale’s team draws or loses to Iran, England just needs to win the US to be sure to win tickets to the 1/8 round soon before 1 match, regardless of the outcome of the confrontation with Wales on November 30. .

In terms of confrontation history, England is superior when they have won 8 out of 11 times against the US team in all competitions and scored 39 goals against the national team. However, the former World Cup king of 1966 must be very wary when on the other side of the line, their opponent has some outstanding names such as Chelsea midfielder Christian Pulisic or striker Timothy Weah.

It was Timothy, son of Liberian legend George Weah (the only player in history to ever win the “Golden Ball”) who opened the scoring in the United States’ unfortunate 1-1 draw against Wales recently. However, in all aspects, it is difficult for the team of coach Gregg Benhalter to win even 1 draw against the British tonight at Al Bayt Stadium (Al Khor, Qatar).

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