In the elegant and mythical wedding dress design of Vera Wang, daughter of billionaire Bill Gates, Jennifer has officially become the wife of the equestrian Nayel Nassar at the age of 25.

On October 16, Jennifer Gates, the eldest daughter of the billionaire? Bill Gates and Mrs. Melinda French Gates “end” their single life with a luxurious and memorable “billion-dollar” wedding with the appearance of two Vera Wang wedding dress designs at the family farm in New York. Westchester County, New York.

The 25-year-old bride stood on the podium with the groom Nayel Nassar in an elegant and elegant custom-made design from the “queen” of wedding dresses, Vera Wang. Bill Gates ‘ eldest daughter transformed into a princess in a body-hugging long-sleeved A-line dress in ivory white from Italian tulle with hand-sewn French macrame lace details on the bodice and sleeves. The beautiful princess came out of European myths. The bride opted for a long hair veil decorated with lace and sparkling crystals to complete her look. 

Jennifer Gates and groom Nayel Nassar walk the aisle.

Walking alongside the beloved daughter of Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, equestrian athlete Nayel Nassar appeared elegantly in a suit from the fashion house Armani. Attached to the groom’s left lapel is a Valley flower lily – the flower used in the wedding ceremony. 

After the wedding, Jennifer Gates continued to appear in an intimate dinner party with another custom-made dress of Vera Wang. Unlike the discreet and elegant choice in the wedding, the bride is more sexy and attractive with her hair in a low bun and a cream square neck wedding dress made of high-quality macrame lace tulle. It is known that this design is a product of Vera Wang’s Haute Couture line. 

Bill Gates’ daughter later also expressed her appreciation for the “queen” of wedding dresses by commenting on the brand’s Instagram: “The two wedding dresses have even surpassed the “crazy” dreams of I. Thank you very much!

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