Curry reacts to officiating in Warriors vs. Lakers Game 3

Curry reacts to officiating in Warriors vs. Lakers Game 3

In Game 3 against the Lakers, Steph Curry spoke about the whistles

In this Western Conference Semi-Finals series between the Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Lakers, the free throw disparity has been significant. Warriors have been understatedly frustrated with the officiating in this series despite their significantly different styles of basketball, which certainly contributes to how often they draw fouls.

Whistles can impact more than free throw attempts when discussing how a game is officiated, which often goes unnoticed. Having the game slowed down due to foul calls hurts Warriors in more ways than just the points they surrender at the line for a team that likes to create transition opportunities.

This is what Steph Curry said when asked about the fouls that were called on Golden State in Game 3: “It’s not usually favorable for us, particularly on the road. We need to understand how important momentum is, when there are two different styles of play. Even one turnover—a miscommunication between me and Klay in transition—caused a series of whistles that changed everything quickly.”

Curry’s response to how to handle calls that do not go their way was, “Stay confident in who we are and how we play, and don’t get distracted by things you can’t control.”

The officiating impacted the momentum of the game, but Curry did not use that as an excuse for losing the game. Curry stated several times in his postgame presser that the team is eager to respond in Game 4.