Albertsons Air Jordan 13


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Introducing the Albertsons Air Jordan 13, a masterpiece in footwear design. This upper skin showcases intricate patterns for a bold and fashionable look. The hidden laces provide not only style but also firm support with perforated webbing. You can trust our rubber sole to be both wear-resistant and anti-skid, ensuring durability on any terrain. Our TPU buckle is upscale and environmentally-friendly, embodying the quality we stand behind. Inside, our high poly insole offers breathability and superior odor protection that sets us apart from competitors. Don’t settle for less – elevate your shoe game with the Albertsons Air Jordan 13 today!

  • Upper skin can print patterns.
  • Hidden laces perforated webbing order beautiful and firm.
  • Constructed with rubber sole wear-resistant and antiskid.
  • TPU buckle upscale environmental protection and wear resistance, not customizable.
  • High poly insole, breathable, and deodorant.