Bolthouse Farms Green Goodness Air Jordan 13


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Introducing the Bolthouse Farms Green Goodness Air Jordan 13 – the perfect fusion of style, comfort and durability! With its upper skin featuring intricate patterns, hidden laces and a perforated webbing design for unbeatable support, these sneakers will take your shoe game to new heights. The rubber sole ensures superior traction while the TPU buckle adds an upscale touch of environmental protection. And with a high poly insole that’s breathable and deodorizing, your feet will stay fresh all day long. Don’t miss out on this must-have addition to your footwear collection!

  • Upper skin can print patterns.
  • Hidden laces perforated webbing order beautiful and firm.
  • Constructed with rubber sole wear-resistant and antiskid.
  • TPU buckle upscale environmental protection and wear resistance, not customizable.
  • High poly insole, breathable, and deodorant.