The Brown Bison Native American Design Ugly Christmas Sweater was created in 2017 by a company named LCJR Designs with the intention of making passive-aggressive Christmas sweaters more festive.

And where as the “Ugly Xmas Sweater” trend has faded in social media channels and elsewhere, this product is still well sought after (especially online) both for its nostalgic appeal and celebrity following. (*Celebrities wearing these sweaters: George Michael, Phoebe Buffay)

One of the leading craft stores has released a new set of ugly Christmas sweaters. Sold by Brown Bison, they come in red velvet and purple wool. They also make ugly Christmas tights which are adorable.

Sweater options available include: Black, Reindeer Jerseys, Brown Tasseled Fur and Colorado Maple Leaf Pashminas

With the amount of holiday sweaters available, finding that perfect ugly Christmas sweater can be tough. What makes this particular sweater so unique is that it essentially captures the fewest natural elements used in Native American crafts: fur and hides.

Ugly Christmas sweaters and Brown Bison is a design company for Indian apparel. They offer decor items for special events, homewear and underwear that matches the needs of today’s Indian woman. This article discusses their brown bison ugly Christmas sweater.

The founder of Brown Bison remains committed to combatting the idea that Native American people don’t celebrate holidays like other people, and promotes their goal by launching an ugly Christmas sweater collection that allows hard-working Native people to have a scrappy festive outfit to wear this holiday season.

While trending online, soon stores like Walmart offered an ugly bright green sweater with white snowflakes on it causing much laughter amongst consumers across the nation.

Brown Bison is a target of attack by white people as it is seen as not in line with Christmas related holidays. In fact, a website was even bought out and changed by this design. This has caused some race riots online for for the Brown Bison Ugly Christmas Sweater. The brown color symbolizes George Brown, the founder of this design company.