Casa Di Un AC Milan Serie Fan Doormat


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Looking for the perfect rug to show off your love for AC Milan? Look no further! Our Casa Di Un AC Milan Serie Fan Doormat is available in both regular and premium options, with features like a flannel surface, sponge middle, and non-slip plastic spots for safety. The premium option boasts wear-resistant polyester and a soft-touch non-woven fabric, all with an impressive thickness of 5-6mm. Don’t settle for less when it comes to representing your favorite team – choose our Casa Di Un rug today!

Regular Rug Carpet: Flannel surface, sponge middle and non-slip plastic spots non-woven fabric bottom Sponge Thickness: 6-7mm (error: 2-3 mm).

Premium Rug Carpet: Polyester, non-woven fabric which are soft touch, wear-resistant. Thickness: 5-6mm (error: 2-3 mm), thick enough.