Casa Di Un AC Perugia Serie Fan Doormat


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Introducing the ultimate doormat for die-hard Perugia Serie A fans! Our Casa Di Un AC Perugia Fan Doormat is available in two high-quality options that offer unbeatable comfort, durability and non-slip protection. Whether you’re a rug carpet fan or prefer our premium polyester option, both boast superior thickness to withstand heavy foot traffic without sacrificing style. So why wait? Elevate your home entrance with confidence and shop now!

Regular Rug Carpet: Flannel surface, sponge middle and non-slip plastic spots non-woven fabric bottom Sponge Thickness: 6-7mm (error: 2-3 mm).

Premium Rug Carpet: Polyester, non-woven fabric which are soft touch, wear-resistant. Thickness: 5-6mm (error: 2-3 mm), thick enough.

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