Casa Di Un Bologna FC 1909 Serie Fan Doormat


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Elevate the experience of every Bologna FC 1909 Serie A fan who enters your home with this premium Casa Di Un Doormat! Crafted from soft and wear-resistant polyester, non-slip plastic spots, and topped with a thick flannel surface – this carefully constructed carpet is built to last. Boasting a sponge thickness of 6-7mm for Regular or 5-6mm for Premium option (with an error margin of just 2-3 mm), it’s perfect to prevent any slips while maintaining excellent foot comfort. Get ready to stand out as a confident seller offering the best quality products that your customers will love!

Regular Rug Carpet: Flannel surface, sponge middle and non-slip plastic spots non-woven fabric bottom Sponge Thickness: 6-7mm (error: 2-3 mm).

Premium Rug Carpet: Polyester, non-woven fabric which are soft touch, wear-resistant. Thickness: 5-6mm (error: 2-3 mm), thick enough.

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