Chanel Pinky Premium Shower Curtain Set


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Elevate your bathroom decor game with the luxurious Chanel Pinky Premium Shower Curtain Set! Crafted from premium quality polyester, this waterproof and moisture-resistant set will withstand even the most humid bathrooms. No more unpleasant smells or blowing curtains! This set is both soft to touch and practical in design, ensuring easy absorbance of water and dust with excellent slip resistance. And it’s not just a must-have for yourself – impress your guests during special occasions such as Christmas, birthdays or housewarmings by gifting them this stunning shower curtain set. Trust us, adding this elegant piece to your bathroom will be a decision you won’t regret!

  • 100% polyester, waterproof, and moist resistant.
  • It is soft and comfortable to touch, no smell, no-blowing, withstands moist bathroom.
  • Water-resistant function, pratical to use in your shower room.
  • Easy absorb water and dust good slip resistance.
  • Suitable for special occasions such as Christmas, birthday, celebration, housewarming gift.

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