Logo Football Team Rubgy Style Crocs Clog Shoes




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Introducing the ultimate all-weather footwear for football and rugby fans – Logo Football Team Rubgy Style Crocs Clog Shoes! Made with 100% EVA, it’s waterproof, durable and resistant to chemicals. With its lightweight design and unique ventilation system, your feet will stay cool and comfortable no matter what weather you face. Plus, show off your love for your favorite team with our stylish logo design. Don’t settle for ordinary shoes when you can step up your game with our amazing crocs!

  • Made of 100% eva, this crocs has an effective waterproof ability. 
  • Resistant to the impact of weather such as rain, sunshine … at the same time is resistant to the destruction of chemicals.
  • Light weight, Environmentally friendly without mold. 
  • Around the slippers and on the surface of the slippers there are many ventilation holes, drainage helps the feet stay ventilated, cool and comfortable.

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