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Introducing the perfect combination of style and comfort – the Air Jordan 13! With its eye-catching upper skin that boasts intricate patterns, hidden laces for extra beauty and durability, perforated webbing for added ventilation, a wear-resistant rubber sole for exceptional grip, and an upscale TPU buckle that’s both eco-friendly and durable – this sneaker is everything a seller could want. And with its high-quality poly insole that promotes breathability and eliminates odor, every step will feel like you’re walking on air. Trust us when we say your customers will love it!

  • Upper skin can print patterns.
  • Hidden laces perforated webbing order beautiful and firm.
  • Constructed with rubber sole wear-resistant and antiskid.
  • TPU buckle upscale environmental protection and wear resistance, not customizable.
  • High poly insole, breathable, and deodorant.